Thymuskin 的臨床效用、生理效果、作用方式(下)

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 Thymuskin 的臨床效用、生理效果、作用方式(下) @董哥的家 iwanthair's blog  
Action of Thymuskin in Experimental Models and Probable Modes of Action

Biological activity

Thymuskin (development code GLK 02) is a synthetic peptide library identical to the former hydrolyzed extract of bovine thymus. Since Thymuskin GKL 02 consists of several components (various tetra peptides) it is difficult to clarify the mode of action and to attribute it to single components. Most likely several components contribute to the action. Though the clarification of the mode of action is desirable from a scientific point of view it is secondary for the successful treatment of hair loss. However it has been shown that Thymuskin exerts biological effects in various human cells, cultures and on biological substrates such as enzymes. These effects could explain the clinical efficacy of Thymuskin in the various forms of alopecia.

 Thymuskin 的臨床效用、生理效果、作用方式(下) @董哥的家 iwanthair's blog   

Thymuskin(產品碼 GLK 02)是一種合成胜肽庫與之前牛胸腺的水解萃取物相似。因為GLK 02由許多物質組成(各種四胜肽),所以要釐清作用方式以及是那個單一物質造成的是非常困難的一件事。最有可能的是多種物質造成這種作用。雖然從科學的角度來說,可以釐清作用方式會比較令人滿意,不過成功的治療禿頭還是首要的。然而,Thymuskin已被證實對多種人類細胞、培養和對生物基質像是酵素,產生作用。這些影響可以解釋為什麼Thymuskin對各種掉髮有效。

Stimulation of Proliferation

Investigation in human blood cells show that Thymuskin stimulates the proliferation of lymphocytes (6). The effect is dose dependent up to 100 μg/ml and reaches statistical significance (p=0.03) versus controls (figure4). The mechanism of proliferation stimulation is independent of interleukin, as was shown in these investigations. A stimulatory effect also on the cells of the hair follicle could explain the positive effect of Thymuskin on hair growth.


根據人類血液細胞的調查指出,Thymuskin刺激淋巴細胞的增生(6)。這樣的效果與劑量有關,當劑量到達100μg/ml時與對照組相比,會達到統計學上的顯著意義(p=0.03)。刺激增生的機制獨立於介白素( 細胞介素的一類,對於免疫反應及宿主的防禦力具有多重作用),對毛囊細胞的刺激作用也可以解釋為什麼Thymuskin對頭髮生長有正面的效果。



Enhancement of Cell Vitality  

Thymuskin was tested in the EpiDerm®-model (7). The test tissue in this model consists of a multilayer culture of human keratinocytes and mimics structure and function of human skin extremely well. In this model a 10% solution of Thymuskin tended to increase the vitality of the test tissue. The viability or vitality increases dependent on the concentration and on the duration of action of Thymuskin as shown in figure 5. Keratinocytes are skin cells which form keratin, the ground-substance of hair. It may be expected that Thymuskin exerts corresponding effects on the viability and vitality of keratinocytes in hair follicles. Thus these findings point to an important basic action which may be fundamental for the clinical efficacy. This fundamental biological effect could explain why Thymuskin is effective in hair loss of various etiologies.




Thymuskin 的臨床效用、生理效果、作用方式(下) @董哥的家 iwanthair's blog  
Inhibition of Mast Cell Effects on Hair Follicles

In a mouse model of alopecia it was observed under the microscope that during the catagen phase which precedes the telogen end phase of the growth cycle, the number of mast cells and their degranulation increases greatly (8). After the hairs have fallen out, the number of mast cells normalizes again. The authors conclude that mast cells play an essential role in hair loss. Mast cells of course contain the serine proteases tryptase and trypsin. The keratinocytes of human skin dispose of receptors (PAR) which are activated by serine proteases. Activation of these receptors lead to changes in cell function with not yet fully recognized consequence It has been shown (9) that Thymuskin inhibits tryptase and trypsin (figure 6). By the way, this inhibitory action of Thymuskin on those enzymes is also utilized in an assay in quality control. From the role of mast cells in hair loss and the inhibition of the serine proteases from mast cells it can be postulated that Thymuskin would be capable to reduce or even prevent the death of hair forming follicle cells.



在老鼠禿頭症模式中由顯微鏡可觀察到毛囊由退化期至休止期,肥大細胞(Mast Cell,可釋放組織胺histamine或其他參與發炎的化學物質的組織細胞)的數量以及它們的脫粒作用會大大增加(8)。在頭髮掉落之後,肥大細胞再次正常化。此研究人員因此認為肥大細胞對落髮扮演重要的角色。肥大細胞當然包括了絲氨酸蛋白酶類胰蛋白和蛋白酶。人類皮膚的角質細胞會處理掉絲胺酸蛋白酶活化的接受器(PAR)。活化這些接受器導致不明結果的細胞功能改變。Thymuskin已被證實會抑制胰蛋白和蛋白酶(6)。還有,Thymuskin在這些酵素的抑制作用也做為品質管理的分析。從肥大細胞在落髮中的角色以及肥大細胞中絲胺酸蛋白酶的抑制作用來看,我們可以假設Thymuskin有可能降低甚或預防形成頭髮的毛囊細胞的死亡。

Thymuskin 的臨床效用、生理效果、作用方式(下) @董哥的家 iwanthair's blog  
Good Skin Preparation 

The biological effects reported above only become relevant if Thymuskin reaches the hair root in a sufficient concentration. Investigations on the penetration in vitro through human scalp and abdominal skin have documented that about 45% of a 1% solution of Thymuskin penetrates deeply enough into the skin (10). Thus it is provne that considerable amounts of topically applied Thymuskin reaches the relevant depth of the skin to exert its efficacy on the hair roots.



Executive Summary

Thymuskin has shown甚 clinical efficacy in the three most frequent forms of hair loss in men and equally well or even better in women. In several experimental models, Thymuskin has exhibited biological activity. Thymuskin stimulates the proliferation of human blood lymphocytes and might also stimulate as well the cells in the hair follicle. Thymuskin increases the viability and vitality of human kerationocytes which are greatly involved in producing the ground substance of hair. Thymuskin impairs the main enzymes of human mast cells which have been shown to play a mayor role in the transition of the anagen to the katagen and telogen phases of the hair growth cycle. These three actions can easily explain why Thymuskin is effective in different types of hair loss.



編譯By iwanthair’s blog & Jinny


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Compiled in July 2006 by
Klaus J. Hahn, MD, PhD
Rahnfelsstr. 9a D-68163 Mannheim



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